Why Choose Courtesy Auction & Estate Sales?

You really do only have one chance to ‘get things right’ when liquidating a lifetime’s worth of assets. Choosing the right company to work with can be the difference between a successful, happy experience and one filled with regret. Courtesy Auction & Estate Sales do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ solution and work with each client to formulate – and then execute – the asset liquidation plan that best suits them, whether that be an estate sale, an auction or a combination of both. As providers of both we can guide our clients to the best solution without exacting undue pressure to choose one option over another.

Let Us Help You

Our company’s motto is ‘Let Us Help You’ and it’s a mantra we operate by on a daily basis and keep in mind in whatever we do, ensuring that your asset liquidation experience is as easy, seamless and profitable as possible.

Types of Estate Sale

estate-saleEvery estate sale is different and estate sales in Kansas City can be staged in a number of different ways. At Courtesy Auction & Estate Sales we are experienced in all of them and will work with clients to determine the best course of action for them.

For some, especially those with a large number of very varied items to liquidate, an in-home, on site estate sale is the way to go. For others, those perhaps liquidating assets after moving to an assisted living or retirement facility that may not be possible, in which case we can arrange an ‘off-site’ sale.

It is important to understand that an estate sale, or a successful one at least, is rather different to a yard or tag sale. Items should be categorized, organized and priced in a manner that means that the average sale goer can easily see exactly what’s on offer, what the pricing of each item is and, where applicable, the ‘story’ behind certain, more unusual offerings, especially personal collections and antiques.

When you work with us we can assure you that every sale follows these ideal guidelines but, with your input where applicable, we will do the work – the advertising, the cataloging, the pricing and, of course ‘the running of the show’ on the day. We even take care of the after sale clean up. All of this means that the hassles, headaches and potential problems that can accompany an estate sale are ours to deal with, not yours. And in everything we do we’re polite, friendly and helpful, which should be a “given” in this business, but sadly that is not always the case.

Have assets to liquidate? Interested in learning more about our varied Estate Sale services? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer any and all questions and queries promptly and without any obligation.

Kansas City Auction Services

Why Choose Us?

img_3522Not all assets are suited to disposal at an estate sale. More unique items and collections need and deserve to be offered – and highlighted – individually in order for them to be sold at a price that best matches their value. At Courtesy Auction & Estate Sales we have the knowledge and experience to help determine which items are best suited to auction and will work towards getting them sold at the best price possible while always respecting you, your items and the many memories they often hold.

Our Auction Style

As experienced Kansas City auctioneers, we understand that even the most unexpected items can have great auction value. For example, memorabilia collections that some members of the general public might see as simply one person’s love of certain objects or goods of no particular value are sometimes, we know, seen as ‘gold’ by other people with a similar interest and deserve to be showcased, explained and publicized in a way not possible if they are included in a standard estate sale.

When evaluating assets for liquidation we help our clients determine which these items are. We then go about cataloging and valuing each of them, collecting and collating the information that bidders will be looking for when making purchasing decisions. We then plan, promote and execute an auction that will benefit both buyers and sellers while maintaining a friendly but professional attitude that many of our previous clients have informed us is second to none!

Our Process

Although it will vary from auction to auction according to the items being offered for sale our basic Auction Services include all of the following:

  • Item Evaluation
  • Item Valuation
  • Item Research
  • Item Cataloging
  • Auction site sourcing
  • Extensive and effective auction advertising
  • On the day set up
  • Buyer Qualification where appropriate
  • Monetary collection on items sold
  • End of auction clean up.

These are, however, just some of the Kansas City auction services we offer. As every auction is special and unique we do whatever it takes to achieve the best possible results for our clients. We will even, when it is appropriate, work with other auction houses to create, stage and execute larger scale auctions that are beneficial to all involved. Basically we are willing to do whatever it takes to offer each of our clients the best possible service and the best possible outcome for their asset liquidation plans.

Do you have questions about the Courtesy Auction & Estate Sales auction process? Contact us today and we will be happy to answer them all, free of charge and without any obligation.

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